gLOC Features

Features & Workflows

You can create new gLOCs using our web application. It takes some time to do this, but then you will save a lot of time in the long run. No more typing addresses in email, SMS, Facebook, or WhatsApp! You simply send the gLOC link to your customer, friend or any other visitor. They can open and use your gLOC on their smartphone or on the web. If you are a corporate customer, we can create your gLOCs for you.

Receive & Use

multi device

Multi-Platform ready

Explore gLOC with your favorite browser or using our smartphone app.



gLOC uses the standard navigation system of your choice, e.g. Navigon, Google Maps or any other of your preference. It delivers all details about the location helping to get you where you want to go.



Of course, you can alternatively print a gLOC and take it with you in your pocket! No need to spend hours preparing your trip any longer.




Use our Outlook® add-in or Thunderbird extension. It was never easier attaching a location address to an email message.



Share your gLOC quickly, directly from your gLOC account.

qr code

QR code

Display the QR code of your gLOC on your advertisements.

Create & Manage

multi format

Multiple Address Formats

A gLOC holds the location information in various formats in order to serve humans as well as machines the best!



Attach nice and descriptive photos of your location and the route. People heading to your location will use them and appreciate these helpful extras.

files attachments


You want to send a floor plan to a visitor or instructions on how to get to your apartment to a friend? Just attach a file to your gLOC.

privat gLOCs v3

Private data

You can mark your gLOCs as public, private or unlisted to ensure that only the right people can access your data. We provide technical security through our SSL certificates issued by trusted authorities.