We are doing our best to make our apps easy to use, intuitive and secure. Once you or our field services group have created a gLOC, it should act as a seamless platform for sharing, sending, receiving, or simply using the enhanced last-mile navigation data in the daily life of your visitors. It is important for us that you send and receive gLOCs on your preferred device.

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Web Application

This application lets you create and maintain gLOCs. You can also send out and share gLOCs immediately from here.

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Android App

Your new best friend when you're on the road! No matter if you are on your way to a meeting, date, appointment, or conference. You will certainly need the direction info that a gLOC can give you.

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iOS App
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iOS App

Receive gLOCs directly to your iPhone and you are ready to go wherever you need to be – for business or private purposes. No need to spend hours studying the vicinity and transportation options.

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Outlook® AddIn

Share your gLOCs easily via Microsoft®'s widely used email client. With our brand-new add-in, you can manage and distribute all your location data with Outlook® as you write your email message.

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Thunderbird Extension

Share your gLOCs easily via email using our new Thunderbird Extension. Access your gLOC directly from your email window and insert gLOCs as links or including short descriptions.

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You need a tailor-made integration into your corporate system? Ask us!

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