The company behind the gLOC service is called Wayz Solutions GmbH. We enjoy finding innovative ways and business models. We are a small team of three founders and several external colleagues involved in sales, marketing and software development. We started business at the end of 2014. Please have a look at our "The road so far..." below.

Tomas Orlik

Tomas Orlik

15+ years of experience in the IT area of geographic information systems on many markets on several continents.
Julian Scheuchenzuber

Julian Scheuchenzuber

CTO & Lead Developer
Specialized in web engineering and mobile computing with a passion for perfect user interfaces.
Christian Riesenberger

Christian Riesenberger

VP of Sales
20+ years in the IT and Internet, especially in travel, GIS and transportation industries. Experienced international entrepreneur. World citizen.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dorner

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dorner

Chief Scientist
Broad technological scope and wise overview about state-of-the-art technologies among mobile and spatial systems.
Our network

Our network

We already have several freelancers, students and cooperating partners in place. They help us make the gLOC platform better day by day.

The road so far

Okt. 2014


We had several intensive discussions about this idea back in 2014. We founded the company in late 2014 in Deggendorf, where we leverage the power of cooperation with Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT).

Feb. 2015


Several weeks after setting up business, we already had a reason to celebrate. The prestigious incubator of the European Space Agency called ESA BIC engaged our services. Therefore, we have moved our headquarters to Gilching, close to Munich.

Apr. 2015

Luna (private Alpha)

On April 17th 2015 we launched our private alpha release code named Luna. Several hundred testers have continually given us feedback since then. We appreciate that very much.

Jun. 2015


Signing the BizSpark contract with Microsoft has helped us build our apps and expand the company. We now run on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Nov. 2015

Pandora (closed Beta)

gLOC Beta version code named Pandora is our current product. It has been heavily tested in silent launch mode since November 13, 2015. Apply for access and try it out!